Holding onto things inside can be very difficult at times especially if you are someone like me, who rather keep most things locked away from the public to see, hear or read. Accumulating thoughts and ideas in your head and not getting them out can sometimes become overwhelming. Holding them in can cause you to feel drained of life’s energy, causing a multitude of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety or insomnia. I know this first hand having suffered from a 3 year long state stretch where there was little to no one I can personally reach out to to tell them how my day went… It wasnt easy. Deep down inside, whether those thoughts consist of negative or positive ones, they can soon build up to into the masses and eventually explode in some way, shape,or form. So why not manage them responsibly and respectively and in a timely fashion?

So, that is why I decided to finally start a blog!

YES! I know, It’s been a long time coming and ever since I built my portfolio website about 3 years ago, I’ve finally came to the realization that NOW is the time! I constantly journal anyways, so why not just give this a shot? I love to read, write, create and learn, so this blog will be a culmination of all aforementioned.

During this journey in life, I have learned a lot of things that I feel can be of value to others, but never made the time to share them. So this will be where I will be posting my photography or art-related thoughts, images , knowledge, techniques or content that hopefuly can inspire you during your walk in life. Whether or not anyone takes the time to read any of my posts here, at least I know my thoughts will get out into the universe, making room to replenish my mind with new, fresh and positive ones.

So here it goes! ((Cringes Teeth))

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